Labour Pro is an integrated labour and industrial relations service for businesses. We guide and assist businesses in proactive and supportive ways with regard to the required processes and procedures to ensure compliance with labour legislation and to mitigate the risks to which businesses are exposed in relation to employment issues. We have a fair but firm approach to dealing with strikes, trade union collective bargaining, incapacity investigations, restructuring, retrenchments, etc. which minimises interference with your business operations so that you can focus on and achieve your strategic business objectives. 

Our experienced and qualified Legal Advisors, Industrial Relations or Labour Relations Consultants deal comprehensively on your behalf with the relevant labour legislation and most common pitfalls that businesses encounter. We implement practical solutions that support management in dealing with labour legislation requirements.

With the implementation of the new National Minimum Wage, businesses will have to ensure that their employment policies and procedures are legally permissible as some employees and trade unions may use this as an opportunity to exploit the situation. Employers who fail to comply with the relevant labour legislation run the risk of costly and time-consuming referrals to the CCMA, Labour Court or the Department of Labour.

  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA);
  • Labour Relations Act (LRA);
  • Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF);
  • Workmen’s Compensation legislation / Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA);
  • National Minimum Wage Act (NMWA).

Please note that we also provide a separate Occupational Health and Safety Programme specifically designed for the Construction, Manufacturing and Mining industries, etc. Our OHSA service is not included in the Labour Pro service.

Your strategic partner in employee relations
Offering businesses an affordable monthly payment option to comply with labour legislation requirements.

Our value-adding labour pro service solutions

With our clients in mind, our professional labour consulting and industrial relations services are offered at an affordable monthly subscription.

Apart from our helpdesk support, which includes ongoing telephonic and e-mail advice, our Labour Pro services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Drafting of new contracts of employment or reviewing and amending existing contracts of employment for employees, admin staff, managers and executives and recognition agreements with unions.
  • Implementation of contracts using an interpreter service.
  • Conducting disciplinary and poor work performance inquiries on-site.
  • Telephonic and email advice.
  • Wage and union negotiations.
  • Dispute resolution (representation at CCMA and bargaining councils) – on joining the Employer Organisation and on condition that SERR Synergy (Pty) Ltd was involved in the process.
  • A set of policies and procedures.
  • Labour Compliance and Induction files.
  • Annual inspection and issuing of compliance certificate.
  • Labour Court costs depending on the nature of dispute.
  • Assistance with matters relating to registration with and claims under the Unemployment Insurance Fund and Workmen’s Compensation Fund.
  • Letters of good standing from the Workmen’s Compensation Commissioner, evaluation of Workmen’s Compensation annual assessments and settling of disputes with Workmen’s Compensation Commissioner.
  • Retrenchment, lay-offs and short time.
  • Assistance with labour inspector compliance orders and inspections.
  • Exemptions from bargaining councils.

“In the unlikely event of an award against an employer in matters relating to a dismissal of an employee(s) for procedural unfairness, SERR SYNERGY shall be responsible for such an award up to R150 000 per annum if SERR SYNERGY had conducted all the procedures leading up to the dismissal.” *(ONLY APPLICABLE if joining Employer Organisation)

We provide our clients with an on-site legal advisor to deal with procedures associated with labour-related disputes. 

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Continuous advances in technology and amendments to legislation require employers to review existing policies and procedures and to seek the necessary protection against–

  • hacking of systems by employees
  • contemptuous remarks made by employees about the employer’s business on various social media sites
  • unauthorised access to data and other sensitive information (data protection)
  • disclosure of company information and that of customers and co-employees.

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