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BEE Consulting

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) or BEE is a reality and a business imperative. With the implementation of the amended B-BBEE Codes and black economic empowerment scorecard, broad based transformation has entered a new phase of diversity, requirements, dimensions and facets and is not limited to ownership and management considerations as some individuals may believe. Companies that have failed until now to react need to do so very soon or face the gloomy prospect of not being in business within a relatively short period of time. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself if your business needs BEE Consulting.

Do you know your A-Z of B-BBEE Legislation?

The complexities of the B-BBEE Codes, a low-growth economic environment and various other challenges that businesses are facing in industries such as Construction and Mining mean that B-BBEE is not simply a “tick box” exercise. You don’t have to become a B-BBEE expert as we are the industry leader when it comes to the strategies and processes associated with a B-BBEE rating certificate.

The challenge in understanding the complexity of the how, who, when and what of a BEE accreditation agency and the black economic empowerment scorecard is the main cause of concern and perceived risk for many owners of large corporates, family businesses, small and medium-sized businesses and professional practitioners.

We have established ourselves as the leader in South Africa in the field of restructuring of businesses to become B-BBEE compliant. We are not just another B-BBEE consulting agency – as industry leaders our variety of ownership solutions differentiates us from the rest.

Our value-adding B-BBEE service

All services and legal work relating to the implementation of your customised B-BBEE strategy are included in our fees.

The following is included:

  • Developing of strategies and compiling of a strategic report and GAP analysis to enhance B-BBEE levels.
  • Setting up unique B-BBEE ownership structures i.e. collective programmes, employee- or broad based programmes, community beneficiaries, programmes, trusts and non-profit companies etc.
  • Issuing of an accredited B-BBEE verification certificate by an accredited verification agent.
  • All agreements relating to such structures, i.e. shareholder agreements, memorandum of incorporation, subscription agreements, share option agreements etc.
  • All BEE joint venture, partnership and association agreements.
  • All amendments in this regard as required by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission of South Africa (CIPC).
  • All resolutions and special resolutions to give effect to the above.
  • Access to unique Empowerment Development structures for purposes of Enterprise, Supplier and Social Development.
  • Continuous professional consultation and advice.

The BEE Scorecard Elements

  1. Ownership: measures black ownership of the entity.
  2. Management: measures participation of black people in the Board and management control structure.
  3. Skills Development: measures skills development spend on black employees and unemployed individuals, as well learnerships, apprenticeships/ internships and SETA-accredited training programmes.
  4. Enterprise and Supplier Development: measures procurement spend from empowering suppliers, together with Supplier Development and Enterprise Development contributions to beneficiary entities that are at least 51% black owned, in respect of their development, sustainability, financial and operational liberation.
  5. Socio-Economic Development: measures contributions for socio-economic development.
    *Please note that these comprised seven elements on the old BEE scorecard.

In the amended Codes there is greater emphasis on majority black ownership, particularly in relation to the sub-element of Procurement as well as Enterprise and Supplier Development.

Why choose SERR Synergy as your B-BBEE service provider?

Our leadership team has been involved with B-BEEE in South Africa since 2004. Our comprehensive BEE services include tailor-made solutions that meet existing BEE challenges by implementing effective and value-adding strategies. We follow a systematic approach to BEE to ensure effective implementation and to derive the desired outcomes.

Download our Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) services brochure.