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Access to Information

What are the grounds for refusing Access to Information?

POPI Act Sep 2019

We discuss the grounds for refusing Access to Information in line with 'The Promotion of Access to Information Act' or PAIA. Any person or Juristic person may obtain information to protect or exercise his/her rights, irrespective of whether such information is in the form of hard copies or electronic records.

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Obtaining consent in terms of the POPI Act

The importance of obtaining consent in terms of the POPI Act

POPI Act Jul 2019

Discussing the different types of consent and what type of elements should be included in a consent form in line with the provisions of the POPI Act.

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Healthcare providers and security breaches

Important tips for Healthcare Providers regarding security breaches

POPI Act Jul 2019

Guiding healthcare providers regarding security breaches as different systems for data collection and maintenance of patients’ health records are being used.

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POPI ACT and health professionals

Healthcare Professionals and their obligation to the POPI Act

POPI Act May 2019

Discussing the POPI Act with reference to Healthcare Professionals that are subject to the risk of unlawful disclosure which is placing them on great responsibility to assess their practices and policies for processing health-related information.

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The modern battlefield of Direct Marketing

Consumer Protection POPI Act Mar 2019

Recapitulating the definition of “direct marketing” as provided for in the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and providing an overview of various modern applications which are often overlooked as a direct marketing practice.

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Final POPI Act Regulations published – what you should know

POPI Act Feb 2019

A quick update on the final Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act) Regulations that were published in December 2018 and how businesses can prepare in the meantime.

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Don’t have personal information flying around: get up to speed with drone regulations

POPI Act Jan 2019

What should you know about drones, the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act) and current South African Civil Aviation Authorities Regulations.

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Beginners guide to practical Cybersecurity

Consumer Protection POPI Act Dec 2018

In this article we will look at the type of business records being hacked and the various ways in which the hackers get hold of information.

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Information Compliance

How South African legislation links to Information Compliance

Consumer Protection Corporate Governance and Administration POPI Act Nov 2018

Looking at the Constitution of South Africa in specific Information Compliance and why a company's information strategies should support its business objectives and comply with relevant legislation. 

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Important guidelines to enhance cybersecurity for businesses

POPI Act Sep 2018

Looking at the most important elements of cybersecurity as well as implementation guidelines for enhancing cybersecurity specifically for businesses.

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