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Beginners guide to practical Cybersecurity

Consumer Protection POPI Act Dec 2018

In this article we will look at the type of business records being hacked and the various ways in which the hackers get hold of information.

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Information Compliance

How South African legislation links to Information Compliance

Consumer Protection Corporate Governance and Administration POPI Act Nov 2018

Looking at the Constitution of South Africa in specific Information Compliance and why a company's information strategies should support its business objectives and comply with relevant legislation. 

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Important guidelines to enhance cybersecurity for businesses

POPI Act Sep 2018

Looking at the most important elements of cybersecurity as well as implementation guidelines for enhancing cybersecurity specifically for businesses.

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Direct Marketing vs CPA and POPI

Direct Marketing vs the Consumer Protection Act and POPI Act (part 2)

Consumer Protection POPI Act Jun 2018

In part 2 we take a look at how consumers can exercise their rights pre-emptively; the instances when a supplier can communicate directly with a consumer and also the consequences should a supplier fail to comply with the provisions of the CPA.

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Direct Marketing vs The Consumer Protection Act and POPI Act (part 1)

Consumer Protection POPI Act Jun 2018

In part 1 we discuss Direct Marketing activities and the difference between opting-in and opting-out systems when approaching consumers as per the CPA and POPI Act.

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Digital composite of New mails appearing beside laptop

What businesses need to know about POPIA and the GDPR

POPI Act May 2018

Explaining why it is important for South African companies to take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with POPI, which will also to a large extent ensure compliance with the GDPR to avoid unnecessary exorbitant statutory sanctioning. 

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The POPI Act and handling of medical information

POPI Act Sep 2017

We discuss the impact of the POPI Act on medical information.

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A checklist when preparing for POPI and Data Laws

Consumer Protection POPI Act Sep 2017

South African businesses should already have started their POPI implementation processes in order to ensure compliance.

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Employer-Employee Loans and the National Credit Act

Consumer Protection POPI Act Jul 2017

Focusing on the effect of the new NCA threshold for businesses where an employer enters into Employer-Employee loan transactions.

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Legal Compliance for Business Owners

Consumer Protection POPI Act Jun 2017

An easy reference guide on legal compliance for business owners.

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