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The Consumer’s rights to returning goods as per the CPA

Consumer Protection Mar 2018

Explaining the Consumer’s Rights to Return Goods as per the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and the instances where goods can be returned.

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The Consumer’s right to returning goods as per the CPA

Consumer Protection Mar 2018

We are explaining the Consumer’s Right to Return Goods as per the Consumer Protection Act (CPA).

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A checklist when preparing for POPI and Data Laws

Consumer Protection POPI Act Sep 2017

South African businesses should already have started their POPI implementation processes in order to ensure compliance.

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Employer-Employee Loans and the National Credit Act

Consumer Protection POPI Act Jul 2017

Focusing on the effect of the new NCA threshold for businesses where an employer enters into Employer-Employee loan transactions.

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Legal Compliance for Business Owners

Consumer Protection POPI Act Jun 2017

An easy reference guide on legal compliance for business owners.

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State tenders & Preferential Procurment

Business Owner Legal Compliance Checklist

Consumer Protection Employment Equity POPI Act Skills development Jun 2017

A broad overview of business legal compliance requirements.

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Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

The National Credit Act And Zero Registration Threshold

Consumer Protection POPI Act Apr 2017

An in-depth overview of the new zero registration threshold applicable to credit providers.

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labour inspector compliance orders

Voetstoots – Patent and Latent defects

Consumer Protection Mar 2017

Your consumer guide to understanding "Voetstoots" better as well as the risks associated with such a purchase.

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Claiming annually from the SETA

The Consumer Protection Act and your business

Consumer Protection Feb 2017

Guidelines for business owners on the importance of adhering to the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). Consumer legislation poses consequences for all suppliers in the supply chain.

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Circumventing legal disputes

Consumer Protection Act in Cyberspace

Consumer Protection Dec 2016

An overview of the Consumer Protection Act amongst other acts and whether our laws truly protect the consumer’s rights to privacy when it comes to online direct marketing.

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