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State tenders & Preferential Procurment

State Tenders – Preferential Procurement and how it fits into the BEE arena

B-BBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) Mar 2017

Your reference guide on State Tenders and how Preferential Procurement fits into the BEE arena.

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labour inspector compliance orders

Important Tips for Skills Development and SETA Accredited Training

B-BBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) Feb 2017

Advanced tips for Skills Development and SETA accredited training.

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Circumventing legal disputes

BEE scorecard – looming deadlines for financial yearend

B-BBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) Feb 2017

An overview of the five BEE scorecard elements and what they really mean for business owners.

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Claiming annually from the SETA

BEE or not BEE ready for 2018

B-BBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) Jan 2017

An overview of the BEE scorecard elements and ownership requirements.

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Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and government tenders

B-BBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) Nov 2016

Is your business heavily dependent on government tenders? If yes, read the below overview of the draft Preferential Procurement Regulations 2016 and the impact Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) or BEE has on government tenders.

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BEE scorecard no relief for small businesses

B-BBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) Oct 2016

An overview of the impact that the BEE scorecard has on businesses. Black ownership is a major requirement to be considered as a supplier for most large corporates and state departments.

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Black ownership more important than B-BBEE scorecard level

B-BBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) Aug 2016

An overview of how important black ownership in businesses are in comparison to B-BBEE scorecard level.

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IRBA regulatory withdrawal and impact on B-BBEE verification

B-BBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment)

The Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors’ (IRBA) decision to withdraw from the regulation of the broad-based black economic empowerment or B-BBEE verification industry will have far-reaching implications for auditors who wish to continue serving as verification agents under SANAS, as well as clients who had obtained IRBA verification certificates.

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