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The rights of a DoL inspector conducting Health and Safety inspections

LabourPro Occupational Health and Safety Dec 2018

We discuss the importance of being compliant with health and safety legislation specifically for business owners to ensure continuous operations and avoid costly incidents. Ensuring compliance is done through inspections done internally but also externally by the Department of Labour (DoL).

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Beginners guide to practical Cybersecurity

Consumer Protection POPI Act

In this article we will look at the type of business records being hacked and the various ways in which the hackers get hold of information.

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How should an employee’s misconduct in the workplace be addressed?


Looking at how an employee's misconduct in the workplace should be addressed.

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Sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual Harassment in the workplace – what employers need to know

LabourPro Dec 2018

Discussing what sexual harassment is in the workplace and which rules apply specifically at year-end parties.

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Risk mitigation with proposed changes to Skills Development on B-BBEE scorecard

Mitigating risk associated with the proposed amendment to Skills Development of the B-BBEE Codes

B-BBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) Skills development Training and Development Nov 2018

Looking at how businesses can mitigate risk associated with the proposed amendment to the Skills Development element of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.

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The importance of learnerships

The importance of learnerships in South Africa

B-BBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) Skills development Training and Development Nov 2018

Looking at how learnerships can maximise a company's B-BBEE score in specific the Skills Development element.

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Dismissal based on operational requirements

Dismissal based on an employer’s operational requirements as per the Labour Relations Act

LabourPro Nov 2018

Providing clarity where employers have to consider dismissing employees based on operational requirements resulting into retrenchments by following Labour Relations Act guidelines.

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Empowerment Training and Development

What would you do with R37 billion?

B-BBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) Nov 2018

Looking at a recent study of the total value created for beneficiaries through B-BBEE deals conducted by the 100 largest companies on the JSE.

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Information Compliance

How South African legislation links to Information Compliance

Consumer Protection Corporate Governance and Administration POPI Act Nov 2018

Looking at the Constitution of South Africa in specific Information Compliance and why a company's information strategies should support its business objectives and comply with relevant legislation. 

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Retrenchment tips

How to overcome unforeseen delays during a retrenchment consultation

LabourPro Oct 2018

Giving guidance to employers on the retrenchment consultation process and how to avoid delays in retrenchments.

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