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SERR Youth Employment Service

The YES programme – a youth job creation hero of note by Gideon Gerber

B-BBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) Oct 2018

Discussing the important role of the YES programme in South Africa, its qualifying criteria and how businesses can enhance their levels on the B-BBEE scorecard by incorporating YES.

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The impact of cannabis legality and usage in the workplace

LabourPro Oct 2018

Clarifying cannabis legality and usage in the workplace in specific reference to the recent Constitutional Court Judgement made on to the use, possession and cultivation of cannabis by adult persons in private.

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Important guidelines to enhance cybersecurity for businesses

POPI Act Sep 2018

Looking at the most important elements of cybersecurity as well as implementation guidelines for enhancing cybersecurity specifically for businesses.

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The real interpretation of Socio-Economic Development

B-BBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) Sep 2018

Looking at various socio-economic development initiatives in which a company can assist a beneficiary (individual or entity) and become actively involved in the training and development of the less fortunate.

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Employee rights to privacy when using smart devices in the workplace

LabourPro Sep 2018

An overview of the extent to which an employee can claim rights to privacy in regard to the use of a smart device in the workplace.

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The Synergy between Preferential Procurement, Supplier Development and Enterprise development

B-BBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) Aug 2018

Looking at Enterprise and Supplier Development as an element of the B-BBEE scorecard in specific the description and purpose of its sub-elements.

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Tips on choosing the best legal structure for your business

B-BBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) Corporate Governance and Administration Aug 2018

Explaining the individual legal structures for businesses and their different consequences in terms of personal liability, taxes, admins costs etc.

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The importance of the OHSA workplace inspection

LabourPro Aug 2018

Looking at the importance of Occupational Health and Safety legislation by means of an OHSA workplace inspection and compliance survey.

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Future pathway for labour brokers and temporary employees


Providing clarity and a practical view as to whom the employer is of temporary employees placed in employment through the services of labour brokers.

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What are the tax consequences for an ownership trust?

B-BBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment)

Discussing the tax consequences for an ownership trust.

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