Innovator of 2018 Registration | SERR Synergy

Innovator of 2018 Registration

Rules for the ‘Innovator of 2018’ award:

  • All SERR Synergy employees can participate except management;
  • The ‘Innovator of 2018’ staff incentive will run between 15 October and 5 December 2018;
  • 1st time innovative idea to be communicated ONLY from 15 October 2018 via the website link and registration process;
  • Ideas can only be submitted via our website or Facebook link by the completion and submission of the ‘Innovator of 2018’ registration form;
  • SERR Synergy website menu:  ‘Innovation 2018’ with a link to the form;
  • Submit ID number and password: innovation2018;
  • All innovative ideas must impact the whole company and not only a small area of our business;
  • Example of innovative ideas: Special community projects / New product or service introduction / Improve product or service  / Improve process or system / New system introduction / Other
  • There will only be one overall award and prize winner for the ‘Innovator of 2018’ in the form of a R10 000 cash prize;
  • The prize winner will be announced and prize handed over at the Pretoria year end function;
  • All ideas will be reviewed and audited by the ‘Innovation 2018 panel’;
  • Please note: that this is not the forum to put forward internal suggestions, please discuss with your direct manager;
  • Enquiries can be mailed to

Let’s unleash the creative spirit lurking in SERR Synergy and ‘INNOVATE BEYOND INNOVATION’!

Innovative idea

Please note that all ideas submitted must impact the company as a whole and not just a small area.